1st Brazilian Symposium on Seismology

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Seismological Observatory – Obsis

The Seismological Observatory (SIS) is a Centre of Geosciences Institute (IG) at the University of Brasilia (UNB). His responsibilities involve three areas, which are:

Observatorio_Sismologicoteaching (graduate and postgraduate levels), Extension and Research related to seismicity and the Earth’s interior structure. Its main activity is the seismographic monitoring of Brazilian natural seismicity and induced reservoirs. It has its own headquarters (Picture below) with excellent physical infrastructure (Data Analysis Laboratories and Computer, Electronic Workshop, Exhibition of Seismology, Library, etc.), instrumental (complete digital seismographic systems, spectrum analyzers, gravimeter , generators and radio-frequency meters, function generators, GPS’s etc.), computer (a home network with six workstations, PCs and peripherals), human resources (teachers, technical and administrative, academic scolarships and students providers Undergraduate and Postgraduate).

The SIS has also a database (SISBRA) where they are cataloged information about instrumental and historical earthquakes in Brazil since the sixteenth century. The whole structure is maintained with funds raised by the Centre itself through consulting contracts and provision of services performed under the FUB and in partnership with Foundations Support. In addition, the SIS / UnB operates and / or coordinates in contracts with energy companies, the National Civil Defense System, Geological Survey of US and Brazilian Army, a vast network of seismographic stations installed in 32 different locations of the country, especially in areas of dams. It also highlights the operation in cooperation with the UN, the only Brazilian station Infra-sound and a seismic station, belonging to the International Monitoring System of Nuclear Explosions. The picture below shows the location of the Seismological Observatory.

Address: Seismological Observatory
Universidade de Brasília – Building SG 13 – Campus Universitário Darcy Ribeiro – Asa Norte
Obsis.unb.br – CEP: 70.910-900

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